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Learn with passion, grow with confidence

Our learning organization provides the best experience for youth to foster their lifelong learning and development.

Personalized service

We tailor lessons to meet every student’s needs, goals, and learning style.

Direct Engagement

Scuola provides in-person programs, offering a departure from the current norm of virtual online classes. This way, students are able to unlock the best experience for classes.

Interactive learning

Scuola offers a diverse range of teaching techniques and materials to ensure our lessons are enjoyable and captivating in an in-person setting.

Our Programs


Earl of March Secondary School




Earl of March Secondary School


Mary Honeywell Elementary School


Earl of March Secondary School

Scuola is a proud sponsor!

Scuola is a proud sponsor of the CYI Something 24760 FTC Robotics team!

About Us

Scuola is an in-person learning organization for youth that offers high-quality education and personalized guidance to students of all levels and backgrounds. We help students discover their interests, talents, and passions, and support them in achieving their academic and personal goals.

Our Team

Scuola Members

Scuola Band

Benyang Fu

Daniel Hu
Alto Saxophone

Hanyu Zhang

Selina Shuai
Flute/French Horn/Violin

Susan Zheng

Lucy Chen

Scuola Debate

Benyang Fu

Debate Head

Selina Shuai

Debate Head

Jacob Kang

Debate Coach

Wankun Liang

Debate Coach


Vicky Lin

Barrhaven Volleyball Head

Jasper Chen

Kanata Badminton Head


IM Johnathan Han

Chess Head